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by posted 05/23/2013



In line with USSF recommendation Everton America CT wish to reduce the tryout process and encourage in-season selection of players.
In Season Player Trials for 1995-2001 NPL Teams begin week commencing 27th May


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by posted 05/07/2013

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by posted 04/23/2013

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by posted 01/18/2013

EACT staff coaches were invited to the recent Everton FC Coaching Fraternity event on Sunday 13th January at Finch Farm.  All Everton FC Academy coaches were present along with myself, Simon Wilshaw and two of our new coaches, Callum McKenzie and Anthony O’Neill.  The EFC coaching fraternity is designed to deliver continued professional development (CPD) for Everton’s academy coaches to maintain and develop excellent levels of coaching.  Jim Fleeting, Director of Football Development from the Scottish Football Association was invited to deliver several practical presentations on “Playing through Midfield” and “Attacking Play”, as well as classroom presentations on improving coaching techniques, communication and motivation.
The full day’s events started with an hour long classroom session delivered by Jim Fleeting, on the requirements of a top coach.  He had taken much of the material from the NFL coach Tony Dungy’s several books.  Jim then took us all outside onto the outdoor turf field at Finch Farm to deliver his first practical session, “Playing through Midfield”.  The main content included how to progress sessions by adding layer after layer and becoming more realistic and game related at every step.
Lunch was taken after the first practical session and the EACT coaches were fortunate enough to sit alongside Academy Director Alan Irvine and Head of Academy Coaching Neil Dewsnip.  We had very insightful conversations regarding the structure of the academy, academy coaching and the professional game in general, with the EACT coaches gaining further understanding of the Academy and its inner working.
Immediately after lunch Jim Fleeting delivered his second classroom session on the topic of inspiration, competition and motivation. Much of his presentation was again based on the work of a US coach, this time Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and his book “Win Forever”.  He outlined the power of competition and keeping players, on what he called “the edge” to enhance and improve their development.  In the final practical session Jim demonstrated a session on attacking from the midfield third. Starting with a small 2 v 2 possession drill working on through balls, he again slowly added extra layers progressing the session into a game which included all the components of the topic.

Overall the event proved to be an excellent occasion for all that attended but especially so for the EACT attendees.  The work of Jim Fleeting proved to be extremely valuable and the visit to Finch Farm itself, including conversations with the academy coaches and management was invaluable.
By allowing us to attend this CPD event, Everton are delivering on their promise to help EACT in whatever way they can.  We are now official members of the Everton Coaching Fraternity and our coaches will be invited to attend all future CPD events.  As Technical Director improving the standards of coaching delivery and content is my primary concern.  With the help of Everton FC and its coaching fraternity our coaches and subsequently our players will now receive the highest possible standards of coaching.
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by posted 01/23/2008

Everton America's training facility is located at All Saints Catholic School in Norwalk, CT at 139 West Rocks Road.  This is only 10 minutes from Darien, Fairfield, New Canaan, Stamford, Wesport, Weston and Wilton.  Just minutes off The Merritt Parkway Exit 40A and I-95 Exit 15/16



Mailing Address: Everton America CT
196 Danbury Road
CT 06897

Office Tel:  203-529-3330



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Field Status
All Saints 8 v 8 - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
All Saints Lower - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
All Saints Running Track - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
All Saints Track - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
GK Area Track Field - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Lilly Field - Wilton OPEN (5/28) 
Lower Field 1 - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Lower Field 2 - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Mini #1 Clubhouse - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Mini #2 Clubhouse - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Mini #3 Clubhouse - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Mini #5 Lower - Norwalk CHECK (5/28) 
Morehouse Fields - Easton OPEN (5/28) 
Samuel Staples School - Easton OPEN (5/28) 
Sports Zone - Trumbull OPEN (5/28) 
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