Press Release – Evertonians For Change – May 20th 2011

Leaflet Drop – Stage 2.

Yesterday evening we at Evertonians for Change, accompanied by a small delegation of like minded supporters, leafleted the end of season Player’s Awards held at the BT Convention Centre in the centre of Liverpool. This was the next step in our campaign to be given a voice by the Club and we can announce that it was another successful event. We also feel it pertinent to say that the choice of the Player’s Awards to do our second leaflet drop was never intended as a demonstration against the playing or coaching staff, who,as always, have our total and complete support.

Our aims in leafleting the Player’s Awards Ceremony were two fold: (i) to increase our exposure in the hope that national media outlets will begin to acknowledge the fact that Everton fans are not content to be “plucky paupers”. Rather, we want our Club to be at the pinnacle of English football challenging for honours and we’re concerned not enough is being done to do that. (ii) we wanted to use the leaflet drop as the official unveiling of our proposal for a “Fan Parliament” which would be organised, and have its agenda set, by the fans in the best interests of the Club. Such groups work at other English League Clubs and we believe giving the fans a voice will not only hold those who run the Club to account but, once again, show Everton to be at the forefront of what a football club is and should be – an organisation for the people.

Following our initial press release signalling our intentions to press for a Fan Parliament, we can confirm that we have had contact with a number of media outlets, including Granada, Sky Sports, Radio City and Merseyside which have increased public knowledge of our discontent. The national media is beginning to take notice of us, and we certainly won’t be going away any time soon. We simply want the best for the Club, nothing else.

The result of the leaflet drop was interesting to say the least with Mr Kenwright taking a leaflet and wishing us good luck while Mr Elstone simply stated, “Not tonight lads”. It is clear that the club and the media are becoming increasingly aware of Evertonians for Change and events yesterday reaffirmed that.

Going forward, we hope the Club will take us seriously as genuine group with only the interests of the Club at heart and will consider granting us a meeting so that we can air our concerns to them directly. Our conviction is that open communication is the way forward and a Fan Parliament is the ideal way to do this. Shortly we shall also organising the release of a monthly news letter and the sign up list for that will be available soon. We truly hope you will support us in our search for change at our beloved Club.

Evertonians For Change.