Response to Elstone Blog – 15th July 2011

It’s been a busy week for Evertonians and Evertonians for Change. Maybe we should be thankful for a certain Mr Prentice’s misjudged article earlier in the week as it appears to have had a snowball effect. The result is a huge increase in the amount of fans who are vocalizing their concerns and discontent. The powers that be at Everton Football Club are clearly rankled by the increase in pressure from campaign groups and the media and this is well illustrated in Robert Elstone’s latest blog.

As always Elstone writes in an eloquent manner. However, his blog once again misses the point and gets no closer than being a vague attempt in answering and quelling the concerns raised by ourselves and many other Evertonians. The dismissal of critical Evertonians as, “loudness”, “shouting” and “not a majority view” will do little to quell the rising tide of anger against an administration who keep telling us they are open and transparent and will communicate but then contradict themselves by refusing to answer questions or meet with us.

Mr Elstone claims he or Mr Kenwright shouldn’t meet with, “fans whose top priority is to see him out of office and me out of a job?” Again we re-iterate where and when have we stated this is our aim? How many of our supporters have heard us shouting, “Kenwright Out”? Has Mr Elstone even read the letters we have sent or the information that is freely available on our website? We ask this because we have always said we are willing to work with the club, we said as much only a few weeks ago to liaison officer Graeme Sharp, it remains to be seen however, if the club will work with us. When fan questions are dismissed with a, “We think not” it devalues any claims that the club are an open book.

We have little doubt that Mr Elstone does, “ Bump into more people saying keep up the good work than ‘there’s the door’.” It’s very easy to believe these same people are the majority if you don’t meet with those who may criticise. We would refer the club to the comments following his blog for a more representative view but fans are reporting a great many are being removed.

No doubt some would love us to say that we are sorry that the club believe we are nuisance, a disruptive influence and that we will be disappearing contrite with our tails between our legs. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. We have an obligation to the supporters who have put faith in us to keep asking the hard questions and we will keep seeking honest answers. We would still love to work with the club on this and hope they will come to realise that everything we do is out of love for the Everton Football Club.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.