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Everton Grassroots Programs
Summer Camps
Everton CT runs a weekly summer camp every year during summer vacation. The camps follow the training methods and curriculum of Everton FC and The Everton Way.  All camps are supervized by fully qualified Everton Way coaching staff and provide training in the following areas:
Speed/Agility and Quickness
Ball Manipulation and 1v1 Moves
Shooting and Finishing
Game Play and Game Understanding
If players excel within the program and would like to experience more they should attend our youth academy and/or tryout for our developmental/premier and regional teams.
Street Soccer 
Everton CT runs weekly street soccer games every summer during vacation. Street Soccer is a fun, informal expression of the game played the way many of today’s professionals grew up playing.  At Street Soccer we encourage players to play with freedom and to express their qualities in abundance be it through, defending, dribbling, shooting, passing or tackling.


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