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Select one or more teams from the list below by checking the box to the left of each team's name.  After you select the teams and press the Submit button, a combined schedule will be built listing all events for all the selected teams.

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Select Team(s) Color on schedule
Youth Academy
     Junior Academy U6
     Junior Academy U8
     Youth Academy
     Boys U9
     Girls U9
     Boys U10
     Girls U10
     Boys U11
     Girls U11
     Boys U12
     Girls U12
     Trumbull Academy Boys
     Boys Trumbull Academy Blue
     Boys Trumbull Academy Navy
     Boys Trumbull Academy Pink
     Boys Trumbull Academy White
     Trumbull Academy Girls
Boys Premier
     Boys U10 Premier Develop. Blue
     Boys U11 Premier Develop. Blue
     Boys U11 Premier Develop. White
     Boys U12 Regional
     Boys U12 White
     Boys U13 Regional
     Boys U13 Blue
     Boys U13 White
     Boys U14 Regional
     Boys U14 White
     Boys U15 Regional
     Boys U15 Blue
     Boys U15 White
     Boys U16 Regional
     Boys U16 Blue
     Boys U17 Regional
     Boys U17 Blue
     Boys U18 Regional
     Boys U18 Blue
Girls Premier
     Girls U10 Premier Develop. Blue
     Girls U12 Blue
     Girls U13 Blue
     Girls U14 Blue
     Girls U15 Blue
     Girls U16 Blue
     Premier Goalkeepers U10-U11
     Premier Goalkeepers U12-U14
     Premier Goalkeepers U15-U18

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