About Us

As a group of like-minded and concerned supporters, Evertonians for Change came together in early 2011 out of fear for the future of the club. Fear that the current board has put the club in a precarious position now and in the future, both financially, and as a result, on the pitch as well.

However this fear has become determination and now we wish to seek positive change at the club through fan action and involvement. We are here in order to give the fans their voice back and to be heard by a club that seems increasingly disconnected from it’s fan base. We want to generate discussion and debate and hear from all Everton supporters as we move forward with our campaign. These are our goals:

  1. Honest and open communication between the club and the fans.
  2. The release of names as to who has seriously enquired about the club and the reason for the potential sale falling through.  What is the club valued at?
  3. We wish to ensure the club are pursuing every avenue in their efforts to find an investor or buyer for the club.
  4. We want to find out what the club’s intentions are in regards to Goodison Park, it’s redevelopment or that of a new ground.
  5. We would like to see AGM’s re-instated and fans forum created.