Evertonians for Change – The progress so far.

Evertonians for Change can trace its genesis to the tail end of 2010, and in particular the frustration of an underwhelming first half of the season. For the founders of Evertonians for Change David, Si John and Phil, it was clear that the club seems to not only be treading water, but in real danger of taking steps back. Everton is a club with a proud history, great footballing tradition and one which has had some of the greatest players to have ever played the game be proud to pull on the royal blue jersey. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum shouldn’t ring hollow, but be a motto to aspire to. We want to see Everton Football Club at the pinnacle of English football once again.

We decided that the saga that has become our clubs search for a buyer or investors has dragged on too long. The transparency required to allow the fans to truly judge if those in charge of the club are managing her with the interests of the club, the future and the fans as their sole guiding light is sadly lacking. It was out of this fact that Evertonians for Change was born. We wish to work with the club in an honest and transparent way so that that any possible sale or investment that never materialised can be adequately analysed and used to make the club a better prospect for anyone interested in the future. It’s our belief that working with the club to make sure they’re doing everything in their power to make us attractive to investors is the best way forward. 

We initially set up a Facebook page, which quickly garnered support and is now hovering around 2000 followers, and continuously growing. We have an active presence on Twitter too, and you can see us around many different Everton Forums. We have spoken to the local and national press and been received as a positive group with genuine aims. Finally, this website was set up in early March 2011 to give us an official web presence. We plan to continue growing our presence until as many Evertonians as possible are aware of us and what we have to say.

As of March 2011 we have initiated the early stages of contact with the club, and we hope more will be forthcoming. We are also soon to start a leaflet campaign to spread get our views out to as many Evertonians as possible, and are looking to organise meetings between fans in order to clarify our vision, and strengthen our support. Through honest and open dialogue between the club and the fans, we genuinely believe we can help put Everton Football Club back where it belongs. 

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.